Topics interested in supervising

I welcome inquiries and proposals for doctoral research, honours and master dissertations in relation to any area of sociologial research that connects with one or more of my research interests:

  • Spatial mobility, in particular the links with personal and family relationships
  • Family in space
  • Distance relationships
  • Family and personal networks
  • Social network analysis
  • Life course research.

SNA PG Course 2013/14

Social Network Analysis: Mapping and exploring the network society

A powerful way of making sense of the complexity of the social world is to analyse connections between people as social networks. Friendship, love, ideas, money, power or even disease pass through and are shaped by networks. This course will introduce you to the theories, concepts and measures of social network analysis (SNA) through a mixture of classroom teaching and hands-on computer work. Articulating social network theory and methods, it will get you thinking about the transformations of social life in contemporary societies characterised by the importance of connectedness and geographic mobility.

The course aims to discuss in particular:

1)    to what extent social life is more networked in late modern societies;

2)    how SNA is a powerful way of capturing empirically social life;

3)    to what extent social networks are more individualised;

4)    how physical and virtual mobility play an increasing role in meetings and social relationships.

Key notions will be addressed and illustrated through both the discussions of major thinkers and the use of the UCINet software and its visualisation program NetDraw on real-world data sets.

Emphasis will be placed on sociological/social science research, even though students will be free to choose their own topic/discipline for their final essay. No prior knowledge of social network analysis, maths or statistics is assumed for this course.

Learn more at:

Course handout: here

For people outside the University of Edinburgh who want to do the course, please contact me so that we can investigate possibilities.

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